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Ouachita Moments Photo Contest 2017

Let’s talk about that photo contest.


This year’s theme was Ouachita Moments. We asked people to capture things unique to our parish. It’s always so cool to see other perspectives of our beautiful home town. This year’s entries did not disappoint.

The winners were announced our quarterly Tourism Industry Luncheon on May 18. Check out their stunning photographs below.



The Student Category features middle school, high school, and college students under 23. Here are the top 3:


First Place – Self Reflection by Prajal Prasai

A stunning shot of the bayou, with a clear, crisp reflection of the sky in the water.


Second Place – Baby Gator by Morgan Frith

This photograph lets you make eye contact with a young, reptilian predator. Who blinks first?


Third Place – Refreshing Perspective by Nicole Miller

This desaturated photo of historic Antique Alley uses selective coloring to emphasize one of our freshly repainted Coca-Cola murals.



The Adult Category includes anyone over the age of 18 who is not enrolled in an educational institution.


First Place – Just After Shower by Mohan Krishna

A clouded evening shot of Black Bayou with a streak of orange sunlight. Check out those lily pads.


Second Place – Flamingo by Caleb Bostick

Locally found at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, this pretty pink bird poses for the camera, and is strikingly vibrant against the dark background.


Third Place – Cypress Reflections by Bob Helmig

This photo captures the clean lines of the tall cypress trees disrupted by hanging moss clusters. A green stripe of algae separates the trees and their reflection.


Best of Show

Domo Sunset 2 by Caleb Bostick

This photo will be featured on the cover of June issue of BayouLife Magazine.

Bonus! It makes a great phone wallpaper.

Congrats to our winners, and thank you to all of our participants! You can check out all of the photo contest entries in our 2017 Ouachita Moments Photo Contest Album on Facebook. 

It's not too late to start shooting for next year's contest! Pick up a camera and find the things unique to Ouachita Parish. You never have to go very far, because there's always something to do in Monroe-West Monroe. 

Let's keep on exploring